Family Law

We combine representation with compassion and respect, and will work with you toward practical and creative solutions.

We Specialize in the following:

Divorce, legal separation, paternity, child custody, child support modifications, spousal support modifications, premarital agreements and restraining orders

Family Law Practices

  • Divorce and Separation
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support, including contribution for the child’s health, dental, optical, orthodontic and other health needs
  • Parenting Schedule
  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Division of marital property, including the home and other real estate, retirement accounts, 401Ks, pensions, IRAs, stock options, State retirement, Military retirement
  • Parent Relocation
  • Contempt cases or cases to enforce prior court orders
  • Domestic Violence
  • Multi-state disputes regarding children
  • Separation Agreements
  • Paternity and child-related disputes between unmarried persons
  • Annulment
  • Name Change
  • Grandparent Rights
  • Restraining Orders
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Modification of prior Court Orders due to changes in circumstances
  • Pre-nuptial or pre-marital agreements

Each client is unique, and every case is different. We provide family law services tailored to meet your individual legal needs and those of your family.

We recognize that divorce and family law conflicts are often life changing events that go beyond the law.

Family law issues often have high levels of emotion, including concerns about children or the impact on a family business. Our family law attorneys combine representation with compassion, respect, and will work with you toward practical and creative solutions.

We can provide you with the information you need about your choices, and what results may realistically be achieved. We want to help you achieve what is most important to you.

Reasons to hire us

We have built our practice through hard work and offering unparalleled service. We achieve positive results for our clients.

We can ease the stress of your divorce, custody or child support case in two important ways.

First, we strive to get you a fair result. A fair result means that your assets are evenly divided, support is set at the right amount based upon all relevant facts and your relationship with your children is preserved. Ideally these results can be negotiated, but if the other side is unreasonable, we are tough, experienced advocates who won’t back down.

Second, we try to keep your legal costs low by doing things right the first time, moving your case forward until completion and considering at all times if the results will justify the dollars spent.

We  pride ourselves on providing all of our clients with individual attention, compassionate counsel and vigorous advocacy.

We will help you navigate complex family matters so that you can move forward in your life with hope and confidence.

We understand the stress and uncertainty that accompanies divorce. When advising and representing you, our goal will be to achieve your divorce in a timely and cost-effective manner while protecting your rights.